Apple is known for the simplified and straight-forward product and interface designs, but it looks like Microsoft might have beat them at their own game with the new Windows Phone 7. The UI on the Windows Phone is very sleek and fairly easy to navigate and understand. Being a apple loyalist it is hard for me to give any praise to Microsoft but I really do have to admit after looking at the UI for their new phone I am quite impressed. Hopefully this will make Apple step up their game when they release the next version of the iPhone. See detail shots after the jump. Read More >


Square is an iPhone credit card payment system from Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and it has just entered public beta. Square lets anyone with an iPhone accept payments from a credit card using an iPhone app and a small card-reader dongle which plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack. Square is different from other solutions because it is designed for individuals, not big-business. All you need to start is the widget and an account at Square. Check the video after the jump. Read More >