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AC Symphony is a instrument, design and performed by Danne Woo, that allows the musician to play AC powered appliances. The control center is an AC sequencer that plays all the appliances in sequence. You can change the speed, pause, reset, harmonize and control the amount of voltage going to each appliance. Essentially its a power strip on steroids.

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German design group Sonice Development GmbH built a large scale “inkjet printer” which they call facadeprinter. Its basically a simple robot that uses paintballs for ink to produce large-scale art pieces using walls and facades for a canvas. See a video of this beast at work after the jump. Read more >

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“X by Y” is Daniel Rozin’s current exhibition at the Bitforms Gallery in New York, but it’s also the title of one of his interactive installations. “X by Y” is a little different than his other mechanical mirrors, this time he arranged forty-four wooden slats horizontally and vertically. Of course they are controlled by motors and react on camera input. The result is an interactive pattern / grid display. See more of his work after the jump. Read More >