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AC Symphony is a instrument, design and performed by Danne Woo, that allows the musician to play AC powered appliances. The control center is an AC sequencer that plays all the appliances in sequence. You can change the speed, pause, reset, harmonize and control the amount of voltage going to each appliance. Essentially its a power strip on steroids. The heart of the control center is a sequencer board designed by Mark Kleeb and Ezer Longinus.

AC Symphony was first shown at the DUMBO Arts Festival 2014 as a part of the Office Hours: Art and Creative Technology show, created by the NYU ITP 2014 Residents. The instrument controlled eight AC powered appliances to get eight unique sounds; a record player, hair dryer, blender, drill, hair clippers, clock radio, vacuum cleaner and a fan. Danne Woo will be installing a version of the AC Symphony at Death by Audio’s Death by Art event for the month of November 2014.

Check out the video above and the images below. To learn more about the instrument please contact Danne Woo at danne@dannewoo.com.

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