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Apple is known for the simplified and straight-forward product and interface designs, but it looks like Microsoft might have beat them at their own game with the new Windows Phone 7. The UI on the Windows Phone is very sleek and fairly easy to navigate and understand. Being a apple loyalist it is hard for me to give any praise to Microsoft but I really do have to admit after looking at the UI for their new phone I am quite impressed. Hopefully this will make Apple step up their game when they release the next version of the iPhone. See detail shots after the jump. Read More >

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Have you ever been curious how all the different types of 3D video come to be? Our friends at have put together a great little graphic to explain the three types of 3D video, Anaglyph, Polarized and Parallax Barrier. Graphics after the jump. Read More >

Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic and Wordpress, talks to the Chair of the MFA Interactive Design program at SVA, Liz Danzico, about what he has learned from his experience creating two very successful companies and the importance of open source programs.

Norton Ink will be presenting their new Android-powered Adam tablet tomorrow at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but here is a little preview for you. Flash, a longer battery life, outputting video at 1080p, web cam, a $1m app competition – these are a few of the points that Norton Ink is hoping will help persuade buyers over the competition like the iPad. See specific specs verses the iPad specs as well as a video of interviewing the co-founder of the Adam after the jump. Read More >

Imagine if augmented reality was part of our everyday lives. Fantastic, right? Or would it make us all go insane and want to gouge out our eyes? Keiichi Matsuda gives us an interesting take on what we might expect to see when augmented reality takes over our actual reality. See the video below:

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Does the emergance of e-readers such as the Kindle, Nook and now the iPad mark the beginning of the end for printed books, magazines and newspapers? There are already tens of thousands of books being created for the digital format. Newspapers such as the New York Times already have iPhone apps and have already created apps for the much antisipated and infamous iPad. Now magazines like Sports Illustrated, Interview and Wired are all releasing videos on how they plan to break into the digital media market. With the layoffs, company closures and poor profits for many companies in this industry everyone is hoping that the acceptance of digital media into the book, magazine and newspaper industries will save many of these companies. See below for the videos demoing what to expect from a digital, more interactive publication. Read More >


Square is an iPhone credit card payment system from Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and it has just entered public beta. Square lets anyone with an iPhone accept payments from a credit card using an iPhone app and a small card-reader dongle which plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack. Square is different from other solutions because it is designed for individuals, not big-business. All you need to start is the widget and an account at Square. Check the video after the jump. Read More >


Vanity Barcodes

Vanity Barcodes’ goal is to help businesses take advantage of the little-known marketing potential of decorative — yet functional — UPC barcodes on their products. It’s a great way to add brand value and engage customers in a way that no other graphic design can!

How are social media changing design? What is the value of a prototype? How are work and play merging? Where is design headed in the 21st century? “Delivered in Beta” begins a conversation on these topics and invites your participation (twitter hashtag #od10beta). This video was created during the Open Design Workshop at the Betahaus as part of Social Media Week Berlin 2010. Produced by KS12.

In honor of Superbowl 44 heres a little video explanation about how they get that yellow line on the field. Yup its complex. See the video below: