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These glasses with oiled filled lenses are giving people in need a chance to see the world around them clearly. The basic technology behind these specs are just that, basic. A syringe placed on either side of the frames allows the user to adjust the amount of oil in between two flexible plastic membranes to create the perfect custom lens for the individual. As of today 30,000 pairs of Adspecs are being used throughout the world. Owen Reading of Centre for Vision in the Develop World’s explains the reason for the success of Adspecs in an interview with

“They require very little training to dispense, can be dispensed by an organisation’s volunteers in the field, they only need to be delivered once and can make a difference for years afterwards, and are inherently safer (and less valuable on the black market) than items such as prescription medications.”

Another reason for the success is the production cost, only 20 bucks a pair. And since these have a self-administered eye exam built right in there aren’t any additional costs. Although the goal in the end is to reduce the production cost to 1 dollar.

See the diagram below for a better understanding on how these specs work:

adspecs lens diagram

See the video below to see them in action:

If you wish to get more involved or perhaps donate to cause you can do so here:

Source (Gizmodo and Center for Vision in the Developing World)

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